What I'm Offer


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy enhances quality of life and minimizes risk of recurring injuries. Using evidenced based treatments and providing one on one care, you will meet your goals at a faster rate whether it’s from a surgical intervention, postural dysfunction or a traumatic injury.



Chiropractors are able to use their tools and knowledge to diagnose, and treat multiple issues.  We also use our skills to create a program that utilizes therapeutic procedures and rehabilitative exercises to maximize gains.



Acupuncture is used mainly to treat discomfort associated with a variety of conditions such as: dental pain, headaches (tension headaches, migraines), labor pain, low back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, menstrual cramps, and respiratory disorders. 


Personal Therapy

$ 75 per hour

Couples Therapy

$ 110 per hour

Group Therapy

$ 250 per hour

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